We offer a partnership that enables Health & Safety companies to increase sales, protect revenue from existing customers and expand into new markets

What is the Avonwood Partnership?

ZoneSafe Pedestrian Safety

The Avonwood partnership is a unique and exciting opportunity available worldwide to a select and limited number of businesses, in associated Industries and Sectors.

As the UK manufacturer of our flagship product ‘ZoneSafe’ and a range of other RFID products we are looking to increase our Worldwide Distributor Network to sell and install our products. In return for a modest commitment, we will provide full training, demonstration equipment, a dedicated Distributor Support Manager, and a range of other marketing resources.

Our partnership is perfect for Health & Safety Companies

There are real opportunities for professional advisers to generate additional income by providing and recommending solutions to identified risks highlighted in the audit.

For example, if your core business is the provision of health and safety audit‘s, by including solutions to overcome the identified risks, you will not only be adding to the service you are able to provide your clients, but also able to generate an additional income stream.

We fully appreciate that often you will need to remain impartial and independent, and where you recommend you will need to be fully confident of the recommended solution, however, this is in our experience normal practice with many providers.

By offering solutions to identified problems and rest you will be enhancing your proposition and customer service to your clients, which will increase the value of the service you provide and differentiate you from the competition.

As an AAT we will also provide you from time to time with leads that we have generated centrally from our own marketing and website. This allows you to generate additional customers for your business.

Why our partnership is right for you

Increase Sales

First, there is the financial benefit which for many can be significant, often matching your own turnover. The exciting thing above all else is that this additional income can be largely generated through your normal course of business, and normally does not require any additional resource or additional work

Protect Existing Customers

The second benefit is that as an Avonwood Distributor you will have an additional range of products in your product range to offer your clients. As a Health & Safety advisor you can not only highlight the risk but now provide a solution

Expand your offering

Finally, you will be able to add value to your proposition through the advice and guidance you can give to your clients. In our experience, many companies both large and small are often ignored when it comes to the ramifications and consequences of breaches in health and safety guidelines

Find out if you qualify

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