We offer a partnership that enables Manufacturers to increase sales

What is the Avonwood Partnership?

ZoneSafe Pedestrian Safety

The Avonwood partnership is a unique and exciting opportunity available worldwide to a select and limited number of businesses, in associated Industries and Sectors.

As the UK manufacturer of our flagship product ‘ZoneSafe’ and a range of other RFID products we are looking to increase our Worldwide Distributor Network to sell and install our products. In return for a modest commitment, we will provide full training, demonstration equipment, a dedicated Distributor Support Manager, and a range of other marketing resources.

Our partnership is perfect for Manufacturers

If you Manufacture vehicles and/or machinery, becoming an Avonwood Distributor is entirely complementary to your core business.

Whilst we appreciate your core business is the Manufacture of product e.g, Forklift Trucks, your product can be enhanced by incorporating one of our Avonwood products such as ZoneSafe, as a standard feature. This will not only differentiate your product from your competitors but also generate an additional revenue stream (if you so wished) as you will be able to increase the recommended retail price, with the additional features.

As a partner, we will also provide you from time to time with leads that we have generated centrally from our own marketing and website. This allows you to generate additional customers for your business.

Why our partnership is right for you

Increase Sales

By incorporating additional state of the art, industry leading, safety features to the products you manufacture (ideally as part of the core product offering), you will be providing a point of difference and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Find out if you qualify

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