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Manage personnel with Access Control from ZoneSafe

Manage access control for your personnel through doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles.

Personnel access

Most businesses need to manage staff entry and access on to site. In many situations, it is difficult to identify who and where staff members are at all times.

ZoneSafe Personnel Access Control is a Proximity Detection System that enables controlled access and security of all personnel when required, using hands-free technology.

How the ZoneSafe system works

Reader units are fitted to all doors and turnstiles throughout the site where controlled access and security is required. Once fitted, each reader unit creates an invisible detection zone around each door or turnstile. The detection zone range can be adjusted to a specific distance, if required.

ZoneSafe tags are issued to personnel. These are required for them to access through doors, gates and turnstiles. ZoneSafe tags are 8cm x 5cm and can be easily incorporated into clothing, attached to lanyards or simply kept in a pocket or bag.

When the pedestrian approaches the door or turnstile, the reader unit detects the tag and will automatically unlock the door. There is no need to present the tag to the reader, and leaves the pedestrian hands-free – helpful when carrying equipment or pushing trolleys.

Reader units can be set up individually, or multiple units can be connected over a network, with access to several doors, gates and turnstiles.

ZoneSafe offers people and asset protection with its range of proximity warning and alert systems. Using innovative identification and detection technologies, ZoneSafe significantly reduces the risk of accidents, injury and damage to people on work sites.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Avonwood Developments Ltd, ZoneSafe is a leading Proximity Warning and Alert System supplied globally.

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