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We continue to speak to Health and Safety Managers who are concerned about the safety of workers in their warehouses, ports and terminals, manufacturing plants and engineering plants – to name a few.

These contacts, and conversations, allow us to understand the needs of our industrial safety customers – and has enabled us to meet their needs head-on with the perfect solution; our ZoneSafe products.

Because of this feedback, we remain specialists in our field.

We have visited many companies, and realise that a pattern emerges every time – in the wants, needs, problems and concerns faced by safety managers daily.

One of the main worries is that a forklift truck (or other industrial vehicle) could hit a pedestrian, in the many areas and spaces that they share.

As experts in this field, we offer this advice to these health and safety managers:

Clearly mark out areas

It is important to differentiate forklift areas from pedestrian spaces. Pedestrians should know areas where they can walk safely without the worry of walking into the path of a vehicle. This can be achieved by painting the floor and using some form of safety barriers.

Clear signage at crossings

Crossings are highly dangerous areas. These crossings can be very confusing to workers, pedestrians and visitors alike. One idea is to install a doorway to warn pedestrians that they are about to cross an area that is used by forklifts. Another method is to install light warnings that let pedestrians know a walkway is ahead.

Separate pedestrians and forklifts

Marking out areas is simpler; but actually separating pedestrians and forklifts is a safer method. Forklift drivers would have to get on and alight their vehicles at the perimeter of the warehouse – and no pedestrian is allowed in this entire area until the vehicles are in use.

All of these ideas are not always available and/or manageable. Thankfully there is…:

The safer option

ZoneSafe’s products and solutions can significantly decrease the amount of incidents in the workplace – eliminating the worry for the health and safety manager.

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert Systems feature a range of different detection zones suited to either the type of vehicle used – or your specific requirement.

How does it work?

ZoneSafe uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to create detection zones around vehicles, assets, crossing points and walkways.

Active tags can be worn by personnel and are identified by the system when they enter the detection zone. This triggers an audible visual alert, warning vehicle operators of the tag’s close proximity to the vehicle.

A solution for forklift and pedestrian safety

The ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person Alert is the standard application – which helps to prevent collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrian workers when they work in close proximity to each other.

Whether it’s a forklift truck or excavator, the system is designed to fit any type of vehicle – large or small. Additional antennas can also be fitted to create larger detection zones when required.

How is it unique?

Unlike other systems and technologies such as passive RFID, cameras and blue lights, ZoneSafe offers a fully 360® detection system that will detect tags through obstructions and around corners.

Additional ZoneSafe products

ZoneSafe Insight™ is our software as a service (SaaS) platform for identifying, analysing and reviewing events. The system logs events and can provide reports on any near-miss occurrences.

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