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ZoneSafe systems can be installed on any industrial vehicles, in any sectors, yet some still only associate the systems with fork lift trucks.

We have had huge success in many different sectors where industrial vehicles of all sizes are used.

Among these sectors are:

  • Ports & Terminals
  • Warehouse, Logistics & Distribution
  • Paper & Packaging Manufacturing
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Mines & Quarries
  • Aviation
  • Industrial lifting equipment
  • Industrial Farming
  • Utilities

These are just some of the larger sectors!

All working vehicles are in use at all these sites – vehicles of all shapes and sizes. One important thing that these sectors all have in common, is that all have pedestrians working in close proximity with moving vehicles.

Some industry examples where ZoneSafe can be used for health and safety:


Ports & Terminals

, container handling happens every day. This employs the need for container lift trucks, reach stackers and forklift trucks. Specialising in this industry is Konecranes, who provide vehicles for container handling. Konecranes state that they provide ‘A large range of container handling lift trucks, and a 14-16 tons forklift designed for general cargo handling’. Pedestrians have to work alongside this extremely heavy moving equipment.



, there are many types of equipment, machinery and vehicles used every day. As the site Basic Civil Engineering states, ‘construction equipment can be categorised into 4 main sectors based on purpose and use, and they are’:

  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Construction vehicles
  • Material handling equipment
  • Construction Equipment

Therein falls almost 30 vehicles into these categories. All will at some point be working alongside pedestrians.

In Aviation, aside from aircraft, you can find many industrial vehicles on the runway. Ground Support Equipment (GSE) on the runway consists of aircraft containers, pallet loaders, belt loaders, catering vehicles, pushback tugs and dollies. Often there will be baggage handling trolleys, led by baggage handling vehicles, which will not only run alongside pedestrians, but will also run the risk of colliding with the aircraft itself.

An aviation case study

Working with, ZoneSafe developed the Aircraft Damage Protection System. This offers a solution to help prevent aircraft damage and to reduce the risk of accidents while pre-flight activities are carried out.

The system uses ZoneSafe Safety Detection Cones strategically placed around the aeroplane. This creates a complete detection zone around the aircraft. Fitted to each ground service vehicle is an in-cab control unit and antenna.

When the ground service vehicles enter the detection zone, an audio visual alarm is activated in the cab of the vehicle warning the driver of the proximity of the vehicle to the aircraft.

The ZoneSafe Aircraft Damage Protection system provides an additional level of protection which is virtually maintenance free, quick and easy to deploy and suitable for any aircraft type. It has successfully increased safety and awareness to a number of airports where Jet2 are operating from.

ZoneSafe has successfully reduced the risk of collision from GSE.

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