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‘Safetember’ is the FLTA’s (Fork Lift Truck Association) annual month-long forklift truck safety campaign that runs through September.

Why is Safetember important?

The FLTA states that the forklift truck is the most dangerous form of workplace transport in the UK; it is responsible for more accidents and serious injuries every year then even HGVs.

The forklift truck industry witnesses over 1300 fork lift truck accidents a year, which equates to five accidents every work day in the UK. All of these accidents are avoidable, and the FLTA believe that a lasting change in workplace attitudes and culture is necessary – and everyone that works on a fork lift site needs to change to accommodate this.

Who should be involved with Safetember?

This campaign is not just for forklift operators. It is for supervisors, managers, safety personnel – everyone that works with or alongside forklift trucks. This also includes manufacturers, dealers and suppliers.

Every year has a focus

The FLTA always has an annual focus, and this year is ‘you don’t walk away from a fork lift accident.’ Sinister as it may seem, highlighting this risk is very important. Due the sheer weight of forklift trucks, injuries sustained from them are likely to be significant, and even life-changing. It’s also as important for witnesses of minor incidents or near-misses involving fork lift trucks to report them. It’s their duty to.

How does ZoneSafe help to prevent fork lift truck injuries?

ZoneSafe uses technology to help reduce the risk of accidents between company vehicles and pedestrians. Using RFID (radio frequency identification), the proximity warning and alert systems make forklift drivers aware of pedestrian workers and vice versa.

This type of forklift warning system has already proved to be successful worldwide – however there was a broad misconception that it was often too expensive and that only large companies with big budgets could afford it. This is definitely not the case anymore.

The introduction of RFID

With increased development of RFID, the price of systems using this technology is now much more affordable than people think – and definitely more effective than old safety systems.

ZoneSafe at Avonwood Developments are the leaders in Proximity Warning Systems – helping to prevent forklift truck injuries using innovative technology.

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