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 Avonwood Officially Launches 2018 ZoneSafe Products

ZoneSafe’s leading Proximity Warning and Alert System has been a global success.

Positive customer feedback, technology enhancements and engineering techniques have generated the latest release of the ZoneSafe system. With a range of new features, functions, integration capability and design suited for the end user, ZoneSafe delivers an all-round better solution,  whatever the application.

Enhancing ZoneSafe’s existing product portfolio, the advanced version boasts:

Vehicle to Person detection system

The ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person proximity warning and alert system is speci­fically designed to help reduce the risk of accidental collisions between materials handling equipment and pedestrian workers.

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Crossing Alert

ZoneSafe Crossing Alert helps to reduce accidental collisions through audible/visual warnings indicating if there is an approaching vehicle. The system can also integrate with barriers to prevent pedestrian workers crossing when a vehicle is present.

It is essential that companies provide effective segregation of pedestrians from moving vehicles to ensure pedestrians are able to work safely. Separate routes for pedestrians and moving vehicles provides effective accident prevention but is often not practicable.  Clearly marked out walkways, barriers and designated crossings provide good control, however accidental collisions can still occur when pedestrians are unaware of approaching vehicles due to blind corners, distraction, or just unfamiliar with site layout. ZoneSafe provides a safer solution.

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 Access Control

ZoneSafe Access Control systems provide solutions to control and restrict access for both vehicles and pedestrians alike. Using a combination of ZoneSafe equipment access can be controlled through doors or turnstiles for pedestrians as well as automatic hands free activation of barriers and fast doors for materials handling equipment. Active tags and RFID technology integrated with the ZoneSafe system can offer better control of pedestrian and vehicle access, preventing unauthorised entry to site locations.

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Tag Management

The ZoneSafe tag is the heart of the system. It primarily detects pedestrians that are in close proximity to vehicles. If the pedestrian wearing the tag is in close proximity to the vehicle, the in-cab control box will detect the tag and alert the driver that the pedestrian is too close to the vehicle.

The tag has multiple uses, and can also be used in other ZoneSafe applications, such as Crossing Alert, Asset Protection and Access Control. Our range of tag management solutions are easy to implement, providing effective tag management, software tools, hardware and tag boards.

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